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Celebrate India’s 75th Republic Day with Deli Bite Catering’s Special Buffet!

Celebrate India’s 75th Republic Day with Deli Bite Catering's Special Buffet!

Its India’s 75th Republic Day, Deli Bite Catering is all set to make your Celebrations Extra Special. We’re not just About Food; we’re here to bring you a Delightful Experience with our Republic Buffet Catering and Platters Boxes, Featuring Flavors from Around the World.

1. A Delicious Variety:

At Deli Bite Catering, We’re Proud to Offer a Mix of Flavors to Suit Everyone. Whether you Love Arabic, Indian, Continental, or Indo-Chinese Cuisine, Our Menus have Got you Covered, both for Veggies and Non-Veggies Alike.

  • Arabic Cuisine: Dive into the Rich and Tasty Delights of the Middle East.
  • Indian Cuisine: Enjoy the Vibrant Spices and Traditional Favorites.
  • Continental Cuisine: Experience the Yummy Goodness of European-Inspired Dishes.
  • Indo-Chinese Cuisine: Experience the Perfect Blend of Indian and Chinese Flavors.

2. Our Must-Try Menu:

From Soups and Salads to Appetizers, Main Courses, Desserts, and Refreshing Beverages- Our Republic Buffet Catering has it All! We’ve Got Options for Every Taste.

1. Soups and Salads: Start things Off with Cozy Soups and Fresh Salads. Whether you Like Warm Lentil Soup or a Crisp Garden Salad, We’ve Got Comforting Choices for Everyone.

2. Appetizers: Get the Party Started with Tasty Bites! Imagine Crispy Samosas, Flavorful Kebabs, and other Delicious Appetizers that will Bring a Smile to your Face.

3. Main Course: Now, Onto the Main Dishes! Choose from a Variety of Options, whether you Like Flavorful Biryanis, Creamy Pastas, or Tasty Stir-Fries. Whether you’re into Veggies or Meat, We’ve Got Something for Everyone’s Liking.

4. Desserts: Keep a Little Space for Sweetness! Enjoy our Yummy Desserts – from Classic Indian Sweets to Irresistible Pastries, there’s a Treat to make Everyone Happy.

5. Soft Drinks: Stay Refreshed with Cool Drinks. Sip on Refreshing Lemonades or Fizzy Sodas to Go Perfectly with your Meal.


3. Special Treats:

  • Marinated BBQ: Spice up your Celebration with our Delicious BBQ Options.
  • Live Cooking: Watch our Chefs Cook up a Storm Right in Front of you.
  • Home Delivery: Sit Back, Relax, and Let us Bring the Celebration to your Doorstep. We’ve Got Easy Home Delivery For you.

4. How to Order:

Planning a Get-Together for Republic Day? It’s Easy with Deli Bite Catering! Just Give us a Call at +971564160007 or hop onto for all the Info you Need.


5. Celebrate with Deli Bite:

This Republic Day, let Deli Bite Catering be a Part of your Celebration. Whether it’s a Family Gathering or a Big Event, our Republic Buffet Catering and Platters Boxes are here to Add a Tasty Touch to your Special Day.

Join us in Celebrating India’s 75th Republic Day with a Feast that Brings People Together through Delicious Food. Deli Bite Catering is Excited to be Part of your Special Moments.

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