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Convert Your Unutilized Kitchen In To An Income Generator

Shared Kitchen Space

Kitchen with commercial grade that can be leased

or shared to earn an extra income?

Ghost Kitchen Space Dubai

Making a True Difference Uniting Hosts and Food Entrepreneurs

Food and Beverage Consulting and Management

Entering a new region as a business owner is not easy, there is a whole array of things to consider.

Oasis Cloud & Central Kitchen Consultants welcome you to explore your vision and we will take care of the rest,

We assist to create a simpler way for those with extra kitchen space to earn more income by sharing it with our verified clients.

Our Consultancy & Professional expertise serves this very purpose – to simplify and connect opportunities

for food enthusiasts and businesses to quickly and safely rent a kitchen space suited to their needs.

Oasis Cloud & Central Kitchen Consultants management team of experts brings decades of experience in UAE

for F&B management; to ensure meticulous preparation followed by flawless execution from creating

SOPs that drive efficiency to managing food costs and turning around your P&L,

Oasis Cloud & Central Kitchen Consultants offers the best in F&B Management and Consulting.

Oasis Cloud & Central Kitchen Consultants provide consulting services in the pre- and post-opening stages,

making sure that our clients are prepared for success.

Oasis Cloud & Central Kitchen Consultants deliver solutions in all areas, making sure that your marketing is solid,

your operations smooth, and your talent capable of taking on the restaurant’s needs.

Our team has a very community guided approach working on a concept that would connect serve both hosts

and food entrepreneurs.

Our Consultants desires to help restaurants and food entrepreneurs to generate increased income,

as well as hosts who collaborate with this truly “WIN WIN” opportunity.

“We believe in making a difference by connecting people to fully equipped kitchens that accommodate their

needs by our hosts at competitive prices anywhere and everywhere, utilizing the power of community

and technology.”

How can We can Help?

We know how much the hospitality industry has been affected in recent times.

We wanted to take action and get hospitality adapting to the new marketplace.

It’s important now, more than ever, to ride the new digital wave.

Digital experiences are going to be booming during a time where safety, social media and

convenience is top of mind.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or chef looking for a commercial kitchen space to start cooking up

some tasty dishes, or you own valuable kitchen space that could be rented out, We can help you.

Get Flexible Kitchen.


Find exciting and unique locations available to rent by day to boost your creativity but also be easy on your budget

GET IN TOUCH +971564160007  Get Connected Fast.

We make it easy to find the kitchen you need. Our Consultants can assist you with best Options

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