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Enjoy Delicious Ramadan Fritters From Deli Bite Catering in Dubai!

Ramadan Special Assorted Fritters Box

Delight in Ramadan Special Assorted Fritters Box Options by Deli Bite Catering in Dubai!

Ramadan is here, and we’ve got something special to make it even better! At Deli Bite Catering in Dubai, we’re offering a yummy selection of fritters that’ll add joy to your celebrations. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got:

1. Tasty Pakodis:

These are crispy snacks available in potato, spinach, and onion flavors. They’re perfect for sharing with family and friends during Ramadan.

Pakodi6 PCS12 PCS24 PCS

2. Mix Pakodis:

Can’t decide which flavor to choose? No worries! Our mix Pakodis have a little bit of everything – potato, spinach, and onion – in every bite.

Mix Pakodi6 PCS12 PCS24 PCS
Mix Pakodi (Aloo, Palak, and Onion)

3. Mini Samosas:

These are small versions of the classic samosas, available in veggie, cheese, chicken, and mutton options. They’re perfect for adding flavor to your iftar or suhoor meals.

Mini Samosa4 PCS 6 PCS12 PCS24 PCS


4. Assorted Mix (Mini Samosas):

Can’t pick just one? Our assorted mix of mini samosas includes veggie, non-veggie, or a combination of both, so you can try them all!

(Mini Samosa) Assorted Mix 4 PCS6 PCS12 PCS24 PCS
Mix of Veg
Mix of Non Veg
Mix of Veg & Non Veg


5. Punjabi Samosas:

Experience the authentic taste of Punjab with our Punjabi samosas, available in veggie or chicken flavors. They’re crispy and delicious!

Punjabi Samosa4 PCS6 PCS12 PCS24 PCS


6. Assorted Mix (Punjabi Samosas):

Want a variety? Our assorted mix of Punjabi samosas offers both veggie and non-veggie options, so you can enjoy a little bit of everything.

(Punjabi Samosa) Assorted Mix 4 PCS6 PCS12 PCS24 PCS
Mix of Veg & Non-Veg


No matter the size of your gathering, we have fritters available in packs of 4, 6, 12, or 24 pieces, so there’s plenty to go around.

Ordering is easy! Just visit our website at or give us a call at +971564160007. You can also find us on delivery apps like Careem, Smiles|Eateasy, Noon, Cari, Deliveroo, Talabat, and HiMenu.

This Ramadan, treat yourself and your loved ones to our delicious fritters from Deli Bite Catering. It’s the perfect way to add some extra flavor to your celebrations!


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