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Executive Food Healthy Meals & Nutritious Tiffin Services – Deli Bite Catering Dubai

Executive Food Healthy Meals & Nutritious Tiffin Services – Deli Bite Catering Dubai


Affordability, Hygiene, Fresh, Fast Delivery

 Flavors of India catered to the luxurious Dubai

Catering, Employee Meals & More


Born with a mission to revolutionize eating habits, we believe in providing Executive Food Healthy Meals & Nutritious Tiffin Services in #Dubai that are healthy, homely and hygienic.

These meals are ideal for people who are too busy to cook or don’t wish to compromise on nutrition with restaurant food.

The menu of Executive Food Tiffin Service, comes in a variety of mouth-watering cuisines and nutritional options- a judicious mix of carbohydrates and proteins, low calorie content and no artificial flavors/preservatives.

Our services cover a wide range of corporate catering, senior management, client visits, corporate events, executive dining and more.

Our attention to the smallest details, experience in working with corporate organizations of all sizes, strong scientific processes, state-of-the-art kitchens ensure the highest quality of services.

Employee Daily Catering

Catering to employee daily meals with nutritious, healthy and, yet, excitingly delicious fresh changes to the menus

Senior Management Meetings

Serving delicious, fresh and exciting dishes to executive level meetings to satisfy senior management appetites and egos!

Client Visits

Dishing out amazing range of dishes which takes up your hospitality quotient many notches up, adds another level of customer satisfaction


We can dish out unmatched catering services for large gatherings upto 40 K invitees and can reduce your budgets by over 30%

Multiple Formats

We can service multiple formats providing you with a range of options which are flexible, efficient and cost-effective


Our chefs make your food fresh and from scratch – just like they do for their own family. It takes time so please order ahead!


From the state-by-state native cuisines to an eclectic mix of pastas and desserts. You’ll never be stuck with that one meal. As per your choice we will make all food recipe at your convenience.


Our price includes free home delivery #DubaiLand #SkyCourtTowers #TheVilla#AbidosHotelApartmentsDubaiLand #AldeaCourtyard #FalconCityofWonders #Liwan #CityofArabia #InternationalAcademicCity #KSKHomes #DubaiOutSourceCity #DubaiSiliconOasis #DubaiSiliconOasisIndustrialArea #NadAlSheba #InternationalCity #InternationalCity2 #Warsan #AlMeydan #AlWarqa #MohammedBinRashidAlMaktoumCity #Mirdif

*We may be able to fulfill orders farther out with a nominal charge.


Why are we different?

Health & Wellness

Exciting Menu Curation

No More Food Fatigue

Save Costs, Get Incredible Value

The Finest Chefs

Daily Curated Meals

Scientific Processes

State-Of-The-Art Kitchen

What We Do

Our focus is in providing quality solutions for corporate entities.

Daily Catering Services————————————————————100%

Senior Management Lunches—————————————————-100%

Client Visit Meals——————————————————————–100%

Large Group Catering————————————————————–100%

Executive Dining———————————————————————100%


Deli Bite Catering Dubai, delivers the freshest food for you to savor your Eating time with tasty meals that are just like home food and are devoid of colors, preservatives, additives or volume enhancers.

Looking for a healthy tiffin service?

Call | what’s app us on +971564160007

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