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Grill Healthy Meal Plan Authentic succulent flavor of every Meal to treat yourself to taste

Craving for grilled dishes?

Try our Healthy Grill-in-a-Box meal Plan,

freshly cooked from the Grill.

For starting as low as AED60, you can now enjoy your grilled favorites at the comfort of your home or office.

The flavor you already know now in the palm of your hand! The real grill now has delivery!

Meet Delivery Grill, quality and flavor in one place.

A treat to taste – That’s what we’re all about. Only Haccp Certified Meal Plan Kitchen Offering

Premium quality Indian food with 15 Different Cuisines & 60 different Customized options on

Subscription Home or office Delivery plan is Available for 28 days Lunch or Dinner with

28 Different Grill for both time with carbs or High protein options

Meals are cooked with only the best ingredients from fresh to achieve authentic

Indian | Arabic taste – All while being mindful of the environment.

Motivate the whole week with a yummy Grill Meals!

Succulent melt in your mouth lightly marinated

Grilled Chicken together with salads

and Indian inspired dressings

We’re a full-flavored, Home Style Meal concept

redefining the Indian Tiffin experience.

Using fresh ingredients, Offering 28 days 28 Different Options of meal menu offers a

twist on time-honored recipes, serving up brightly flavored dishes for folks-on-the-go

who crave delicious Indian cuisine, without the kitchen prep.

Tiffin is a concept inspired by freshness and founded on family.

Preparing and sharing traditional Indian meals is our way of connecting,

and an important part of who we are.

Preparing and sharing traditional Indian Grill meals is our way of connecting,

and an important part of who we are We believe that food has the power to

bring fulfillment by nourishing not only our bodies, but also our souls.

Tiffin is the future of Indian fare – carefully prepared, conveniently served

and never short on quality.

Balanced Bites Offer 15 Cuisines Meals

with 60 Different options

For Every Kind Of Budget

Offering Home Style Customization Meals Variety

with Preferable flavor & Quality is our passion

Grill Combos are healthy & ideal for lunch or Dinner and are light on the stomach

Grill With Customized carbs options are available while our curry combos come with or with out rice and

with choice of Indian breads perfect to mop up the delicious curry gravy.

The Balanced Bites Tiffin Box gives you the opportunity

to adopt your own Trendy Tiffin Box

which you can fill up with your favorite Grill & kebabs for a GREAT DEAL offer.

For Hygiene and Fresh Purpose we use Microwaveable Air Tight Containers

so our promise is to prepare the perfect dish for your Lunch or Dinner Meal Setting

Balanced Bites Provides Delicious, Healthy Vegetarian And

Halal Grill Meals Available on Monthly  Subscription Basis?

How You Enjoy It Is Completely Up To You!

Options of every day For Grill Meal Plan
Chicken Tikka Grill with Rice

Yogurt and Tandoori spice marmalade Boneless Chicken grilled to perfection

Chicken Lasuni Tikka with Rice

Garlic and Spice flavored marinated Grilled Chicken

Lamb Seekh Grill with Rice

Grilled mince Lamb with Aromatic Spices on skewers

Tandoori Sampler with Rice

Platter of Tandoori Grills, Chicken and Lamb. All the good things in one dish

Haryali Shammi Kebab with Rice (Vegan)

Spinach patties with Garam Masala Spice, Sweet Corn and Potato

Chicken Malai Tikka Grill with Rice

Grilled Chicken in a marination of Yogurt, Cheese and Aromatic Spices

Tandoori Chicken (Bone in )

Bone-in grilled chicken with Tandoori spice marmalade

Kadak Paneer Kebab with Rice

Crunchy Cottage Cheese flat patties with Herbs and Spices

Healthy Authentic Indian & Grill Meal Plans

We pride ourselves on cooking authentic, home-style Indian food at restaurant level quality

by only ever using fresh vegetables and meats.

The succulent flavor of every dish comes from toasting spices which have been hand-ground by us;

and our Tandoori’s are cooked in a traditional Tandoor or Professional conventional oven to

achieve a unique charcoal taste like no other.

Vegan, veggie, gluten-free –

we have something for everybody customized according to you Preference & Choice.

Discover what it’s all about and try us out! Treat yourself with Balanced Bites today!

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