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Accelerate Your Culinary Dream! Your creations, our Commercial Certified Professional Kitchen

Own your own business or take your current one in a new direction.

Deli Bite Kloud Kitchens has multiple, licensed commercial kitchens available for rent.

We offer affordable rates and customized packages — Call | what’s app us today on

                                                          +971564160007 to learn more!

Deli Bites Welcome you to the concept of Kloud Shared Rentals, where entrepreneurs

like you are taking their consumable goods business to the next level.

Need a commissary kitchen for your meal prep, catering, food truck, farmer’s market, baked goods or other

consumable products business?

Give us a call | what’s app us on +971564160007 –

we would love to have you in our kitchen!


You have the idea, but you need a little guidance in getting your business off on the right foot.

You know you’ll need a  space, but you’re not sure what certifications or credentials are

required to make your business compliant.

We’ll take the complication out of the mix and help you get started with our complimentary

“Getting Started Checklist.”

Then once you’re ready to get busy in the kitchen, the transition into your space at 

Deli bite Kloud Shared Kitchen Rentals will be seamless!



your credentials are all squared away and now all you need is a commercial  space

to bring your culinary, bakery or consumable goods business to life.

Welcome to Deli bite Kloud Shared Kitchen Rentals;

centrally located in International city; up-to-date equipment; bright, spacious and fairly priced

commissary kitchen in Dubai.

We would love to welcome you into our kitchen! Visit to Kitchen is only on appointment basis

“With helpful staff and over the top customer service, they truly have a vested interest in all the businesses they rent to.”

Why Choose Deli bite Kloud in Dubai?

Everything you need to grow your business with packages starting as low as AED6000.00 a month.

Contact Deli bite Kloud Kitchens to inquire about shared commercial kitchen space.

Flexible. Dependable. Affordable.

Small businesses often struggle with finding the resources to be able to invest in their own commercial kitchen.

With Deli bite Kloud Kitchens, you can put your time and money into perfecting your recipe and expanding your business.

With 24-hour access to a licensed certified commercial Professional kitchen that includes the use of prep space and equipment, you’ll be able to focus on your business instead of worrying about paying the bills

Benefits of renting shared commercial space:

  • Save capital and reduce your risk
  • Have extra money to invest in other areas your business
  • Avoid having to spend time finding a property and getting licensing and permits
  • Save money by not having to buy expensive commercial equipment
  • Pay only for the times you need to use the kitchen
  • Focus on your business now, instead of months down the road

Control Your Costs and Deliver Profit Sooner

There are so many costs associated with starting your own commercial kitchen,

such as the initial property investment, licensing and permits, cost of equipment, utilities, and more.

You can have thousands invested before you even make a dime.

Instead of losing all of that money while you wait to get started, why not pay one manageable monthly fee to have access to the commercial kitchen space you need?

That way, you can save time, money, and there’s less risk.

Contact Deli bite Kloud Kitchens today to discuss your particular kitchen needs and let us create a customized package just for you!

Get Expert Advice and Help

Are you confused about health licenses and permits?

Let our experts help! Deli bite Kloud Kitchens is a one stop shop and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

You don’t have to worry about the health department coming into your kitchen — ours is fully inspected and approved.

Get In Touch With Us Today


Book Shared Commercial Kitchen Space with

Deli bite Kloud Kitchens

Every food business is different, so at Deli bite Kloud Kitchens, we want to work with you to understand your needs.

Whether you want to bring in your own equipment, or need to rent the kitchen on particular days, we’re sure that we can create the best plan for you. Call today — rates start at AED6000/month.


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  1. Maysaa Bou Antoun Kfoury


    This is Maysaa Bou Antoun Kfoury,
    We have a pastry and chocolate boutique in Lebanon which we are willing to move to Dubai and we would like to rent a space in your central kitchen with pastry equipment, which I can send the list if necessary. Are there any available space right now? And if yes what are the rental fees and conditions to proceed? And which kind of licenses do you provide?
    Thank you in advance for your reply,
    Hope to get to cooperate with Deli Bite,

    Best Regards,

  2. Robert Allison

    Hi, I’m looking for some information on renting a kitchen space for Chinese take away. Costs and kitchen size etc

  3. Hassan Hassan

    Hi,Iam intersted in shared kitchen,but I like to enquire about the locations of your business,do you have a branch around jvc or jvt Dubai, thanks

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