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Spice Up Your New Year’s Party with Deli Bite Catering’s Special Bundle Boxes!

New Year Party Catering

Let’s Make your New Year’s Bash Awesome! Deli Bite Catering in Dubai has the Perfect Food to Make your Party Unforgettable. From Arabic and Continental to Indian and Indo-Chinese, we’ve got Flavors to Make your Celebration Delicious. Deli Bite Catering’s got the Perfect Mix of Arabic, Continental, Indian, and Indo-Chinese Flavors in their Bundle Boxes, Just Waiting to Make your Party Awesome.

Yummy Choices for Your Party:

1) Graze Boards:

Start with our Fancy Graze Boards. They’ve got Tasty Cheeses, Meats, Fruits, and Extras. They Look and Taste Amazing!

2) Finger Food:

Keep the Fun Going with our Finger Foods. We’ve got Crispy Samosas, Flavorful Kebabs, and More. Perfect for Snacking!

3) Canapés:

Impress your Guests with our Fancy Canapés. Small Bites with Flavors from Around the World – Arabic, Continental, Indian, and Indo-Chinese.

4) Sandwiches:

If you Want Something Filling, go for our Sandwiches. Classic or Creative, they’re Made with the Best Ingredients.

5) Desserts:

End your Feast with our Delicious Desserts. Treat Yourself to a Variety of Sweets for a Sweet Start to the New Year.

Easy Party Planning with Bundle Boxes:

To Make your Party Prep Easy, We’ve Got Bundle Boxes! Pick from Packs of 12, 24, or 48 – Perfect for Sharing. No Stress, just Good Food!

Pick your Box Size:

1) 12-Pack:

Just Right for a Small Party or Cozy Night In.

2) 24-Pack:

Good for Medium-Sized Gatherings with Friends and Family.

3) 48-Pack:

Made for Big Events or Office Parties.

Booking Ahead:

Make Sure your Party is a hit by Ordering At Least 4 Days in Advance. This Gives our Chefs Time to Make Something Special for You.

1) Advance Booking:

Book At Least 4 Days Ahead.

2) Contact Us:

Call +971564160007 for your New Year’s Party Catering Needs. 

How to Order:

To Get your Hands on our Tasty Treats, Just Call +971564160007. Choose your Bundle Box, Decide if you want to Pick it Up or have it Delivered. Deli Bite Catering’s got your back, Making sure Everything’s Fresh and Tasty.

Contact Us:

For More Details or to Book your Catering, Give Deli Bite Catering a call at +971564160007. Check out our Menu at

Deli Bite Catering is here to make your New Year’s Celebration Tasty and Stress-Free. Order your Bundle Box Today and Treat your Guests to a Feast they’ll Remember well into the New Year!

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