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Simplified Weight Loss: Custom Keto Bites for Arabic, Indian & Continental Meal Plans

Keto Bites Dubai meal delivery service is different than other meal prep services Only Company to offer  Customized Arabic | Indian & Continental Designed Meal Plans

We offer healthy meals in a customizable menu #Arabic #Indian #Continental that arrive ready to heat, eat, and go!

There’s no prep, no cooking, and no room for error. When it comes to keto meal delivery,


Keto Bites Dubai offers some amazing options.

We have menu options for a balanced diet, vegetarians, diabetics, and a plan specifically for keto!


GET YOUR CUSTOM KETO DIET PLAN With 180 meals to choose from

our clients are guaranteed to consume unique meals without compromising

the keto nutrients that they need.

Our Experienced Nutritionist Team uses high quality ingredients and creative recipes mean that you won’t ever be bored or eating the same thing every week. There’s no need to meal plan with Keto Bites Dubai.

You can cut out all of that prep time that you would have with a traditional meal kit delivery service as well!

Keto Bites Dubai takes the work out of eating healthy. You can have recipe cards on hand and a pantry full of gluten free items or a keto fridge stocked to the max but the truth is, unless you are going to meal prep…you could still be unsuccessful in losing weight. With Keto Bites Dubai there is no grocery list and there’s no worrying about preparing recipes, it’s all done for you!

With a keto diet plan in Dubai, we can help you to reach the right balance of macronutrients to achieve and maintain ketosis – for ultimate weight loss results!

Many benefits can be related to ketosis and promote subsequent weight loss:

Faster fat loss

Improved physical and mental energy

Less cravings or feeling of hunger

Stable blood sugar levels

Better skin

Improved blood lipids (triglycerides and cholesterol levels)

Balanced hormones


Keto Bites Dubai Meal Plans are flexible.

It is easy as the solution you were looking for.

It is effective, as you have always dreamed.

Shall we start with your keto journey?  To Know More Call | what’s app +971564160007

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    • delibite

      Dear Customer,

      In reference to your above quirey find below the Available options with customize preference of your choice

      Arabic | International | Conti | Indian based Keto plan

      Once you what’s app to us will send the form please fill and send back will share the same to the nutritionist to design a customize menu accordingly will

      quote you the best prices as per online promotion .

      Please feel free to call | WhatsApp us at any time on 0564160007 | 0564118323 for any further information you require.

      We shall be happy to provide you the same with. Look forward to the pleasure of being your valued healthy Meal Service Provider.

      Assuring you of our best services & support at all times, we remain.

      Keto Bites Powered by Deli Bite Catering-Dubai appreciates your Business.

      Customer Service
      Deli Bite Catering L.L.C
      P.O Box : 76560, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
      Tel : +971 4 3603678, Mob : +971 564160007

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